Onda Core Polymer Wheels Longboard Skateboard

In our previous posts we shared our experience riding Onda Motion Vibe ( with black plastic deck ), an also mentioned their other model - Onda Longa ( with a bamboo deck )...

Land Paddling Onda Core

But honestly, other than the deck material, there isn't much difference between those two in both dimensions or performance...

Recently, Onda introduced their "new original" model - Onda Core

Onda Core
Picture credit - Amazon.com

Its material blend is hygroscopic, which means it will actually absorb humidity and become more flexible and even stronger over time. That means you can ride your Onda Core in any weather, or even leave it outside. It won't ever delaminate ( as wood does ).

Other features include :
  • Trucks - Copolymer reinforced body with chrome-plated, heat-treated steel alloy shafts for extra strength
  • Wheels - Copolymer rim and 7" 80A polyurethane tires with flat profile surface and sharp edges
  • Torsion Shocks - 14 Patented, hand-cast polyurethane shocks with varying stiffness to adjust the carving for your ride (4 yellow, 4 blue, 4 red, 2 black)
According to Onda :
The ONDA Core is our original model. With polymer wheels, this Onda Board is very versatile. Its 7" inch flat profile and sharp edge tires provide a smooth glide and excellent grip to the ground surface. This model is great for beginners and experts alike.
But to us, their Onda Core looks a lot like their previous models...

But what do some of the riders say about Onda Core ?

Onda Core Longboard Skateboard Review

Read more reviews here...

As we mentioned in our previous post, we absolutely in love about how this board looks ❤️ 😍 !
As for its performance... especially for some serious downhill action, or even casual land paddling... Onda boards are just OK ( in our opinion )👌

One thing for sure - it' definitely an eye-catcher ! You'll turn many heads cruising along on this sexy longboard !