Depending on their purpose, longboards exist in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles: downhill, cruising and carving, slalom, dancing, freeriding, vert and sliding.

Here we have most popular land paddling boards specifically for land paddling street SUP !


Kahuna Creations Bombora 59"

The Bombora is specifically designed for stand-up paddling on the street and performs like nothing else on the market.

The new Bombora Longboard uses a big, surf-style design to make for what is reportedly a smooth, intuitive ride.

At just under 5 feet long (1.5 m) and 14 inches (35.6 cm) wide, the Bombora gives you a big, stable platform for making swooping, stick-assisted carves. It's wide enough to stand on with both feet pointing forward, the same stance you'd use on a water-based paddleboard.

It's also long enough to walk back and forth on !


Hamboards Logger 

Handcrafted longboard skateboard for carving, cruising, noseriding, landsurfing & land paddling !

An absolute beauty !

The Logger is Hamboards' supermodel longboard. It is beautifully crafted using American Black Walnut blended with contrasting White Aspen stringers for clean lines reminiscent of old school Malibu style log.
The Logger is where beauty and performance meet. This gorgeous Malibu style log offers outstanding performance with its responsive custom 150mm reverse kingpin trucks and 66mm 78a wheels on biltin-type Abec 7 bearings.


Koastal Drifter

Koastal Longboards Drifter Complete Longboard, 11 x 60
Long, smooth, and stable, Koastal Drifter makes a perfect longboard for land paddling !

Same quality, and performance as above mentioned Kahuna Creations Bambors, and Hamboards for LESS !!
Set up with Revenge trucks Koastal Drifter board carves like a dream ! It's a nice big cruiser board (60') but handles like a shorter longboard.


Onda Motion Longa

Onda Motion is of the most versatile longboards that is great for cruising and carving as well as land-paddling and kite-skating.

Compared to most longboards out there, Onda boards are quite unique. They perform and handle much better than traditional longboards because of their smooth gliding wheels and tremendous maneuverability.

Give it a kick and it glides forever !


From the creator of the famous surf brand, comes a must have for every fan of The Endless Summer, this board also utilizes the Surf One clear grip to show off Roberts classic colors from yesteryear.

Relive the past and cross step this baby to your heart's content, or hang it on the wall and pay homage to a true surfing legend.


(Only $ 51.79 !!! )

Finally, THE CHEAPEST, yet, a very stylish board for anybody wanting to give land paddling a try but doesn't want to break a bank ! 

The deck of the board is a nice pintail shape with an awesome design on the bottom, nice plain black grip-tape, and a good flex which does add some stability and smoothness to the ride! At this price, you can't go wrong !

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Arbor Pin Koa 46'

The Timeless is a classic pintail carver designed for smooth, open-stance skating. It features a wide con- cave platform and substantial wheelbase for maximum push and speed stability. 

The Arbor Timeless Koa is a top mount pintail shape that will be perfect for anyone who wants to start getting into all aspects of the longboarding world. It features a ton of control with its top mount design for weaving in and around any obstacle that could be in your way.

And of course it has an extremely appealing look with the classic pintail shape, it's sure to catch anyone's eye.


Featured on CNBC, this awesome looking board has 12" bicycle tires and tubes, BMX style U-brake, and a joystick handle that gives you the feel of a skateboard but with much greater stability.

Glide through the streets, and roll over anything ! The large wheels and air-filled tires provide a lot of roll and shock absorption. The tires smooth out the ride and make any surface feel like a smooth new sidewalk. This means you can go places that skateboards cannot go, like brick streets, the beach, uneven sidewalks, bumpy roads, grass, and even gravel paths.


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