Turn Your Longboard/Skateboard Into an Electric One !

the Mellow Drive electric skateboard kit
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Till recently, I've never been a big fan of electric longboards... But the older I get, the harder it gets on my joins to ride my longboard... whether I'm foot pushing it, or land paddling...

Recently I bought a cheap electric longboard from Amazon, and, honestly, it's a blast to ride it !

If I want to get some fresh air without breaking the sweat by land paddling, biking or running... I just hope on my electric longboard, and go for a 10 min ride around the neighborhood. The electric longboard also comes in handy when I need to pick up mail, or go for a beer run to a nearby gas station 🍻🍺 😎

But it's a cheap board, with long charging time, and short riding time 😥

If you want to get something better, faster, and ride longer, you'll have to shell out some serious 💲💲💲

Most electric longboards range in prices between $500 -$1K !


What if you don't need another ( overpriced ) board in your collection ?
What if you could turn your longboard/skateboard into an electric one ?

Meet the Mellow Drive !

This two in-wheel motors can accelerate you to top speeds of up to 40 km/h !!

1. Fits on any Board 
2. 40 km/h Top Speed 
3. Dual Braking System 
4. Made in Germany, 2 Year Warranty 
5. Water and Dust Proof 
6. Swappable Battery Pack, Powerbank, Air Travel Approved
7. Gets about 10 miles per charge 
8. App Support 24/7

Pop mellow onto the deck you’ve already got, and it’ll transform your boring old push board into a motorized monster !

Learn more about the Mellow Drive on their website...

While there are many electric skateboard kits you can find online, the Mellow Drive is the easiest to install !

Have you thought about turning your longboard/skateboard into an electric one ?
What kind of kit did you have ?

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