Want to turn your passion for land paddling into a business ?

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Unlike most "online gurus", I DON'T make money online by teaching others how to make money online 😂 😉 😎

I started making money online with affiliate marketing in 2009 promoting companies, and brands in adventure travel, fitness, and the outdoors marketing niches. I've also worked for more than 15 years in fitness industry, and another 5 + years in outdoor recreations.

In 2011, I made online marketing my full time job...

One of my biggest dreams has always been - "Start my own guiding/travel company", - and thanks to money I made with online marketing, I started "Seattle Kite, Surf, Paddle" in 2016.

That's why, I'm a firm believer that whether you want to start your own business, or just make some extra money, whether you want to start a "traditional business", or work online, if you're truly passionate about something, you can definitely achieve your goals !

If you love land paddling, and a healthy, and adventurous lifestyle in general, I can show you how to turn your passion into a business, whether full time, or just something on the side to support your epic lifestyle.

I created ExtraHyperActive brand specifically for people just like YOU !!

Our Ambassadors ( basically just another name for marketers, social media influencers, brands reps, salesmen... ) learn about affiliate marketing, online business, and branding to help brands connect with their target audience.

If you want to make money with your passion, if you're willing to learn, and can take simple, step-by-step directions, we'd love to have you onboard !

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"How You Can Make Money Land Paddling"