Onda Board Review: Land Paddling On Paved & Unpaved Surfaces

Onda board land paddle boarding

In our previous post, I shared our experience land paddling Onda Vibe ( not made any more ) on ( mostly ) flat trails, and ( small ) smooth hills.

In the video below, we tested Onda board on a bike trail, dirt road, and even gravel !

As you could see from the video, despite its large plastic wheels, Onda board doesn't handle off-road very well ( even with a land paddle stick ! ), and on ( relatively ) steep hills it starts wobbling.

In general, Onda Vibe leaves more to be desired for land paddle boarding : the deck is too small ( short and narrow ), the trucks rattle, and it gets hard to carve/control on steep hills.

The better alternative for land paddling would be Onda Motion Longa - great for cruising and carving as well as land paddling and even kite-skating (!)

Its 7" inch wheels with flat profile and sharp edge tires provide a smooth glide and excellent grip to the ground surface. This model is great for beginners and experts alike.

On the up side - both Onda Vibe and Onda Longa handle wet surface just fine ( check out this video of me land paddling Onda longboard on a snow covered trail -  "Land Paddling On A Snow Day In Seattle" ).

On thing for sure, Onda boards look eye-catching ! If you want to stand out among longboarding/land paddling crowd, then Onda is definitely a longboard to add to your collection !   

Land paddling Onda board

And if $260 for Onda Motion Longa sounds a bit steep, check out our suggestions of more affordable ( and no less cool ! ) land paddling boards - "Longboards"

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