Land Paddles

Since 2006, when Kahuna Creations invented their famous "big stick", there are dozens of companies that make longboard land paddles nowadays.

Below, we share some of the best paddles on the market for street surfing ( Street Stand Up Paddle Surfing )  to get your stoke on !

Kahuna Creations was the original master mind/creator of a land paddle. Nowadays, there are dozens of companies that sell land paddles. Yet, Kahuna Creations Bamboo Big Stick remains one of the most beautiful, not to mention eco-friendly longboard paddle out there:

Kahuna Big Stick

Made of panda-friendly bamboo, this is the ultimate in flexibility. 
The panda-friendly Bamboo Kahuna Big Stick has an incredible feel and heavy flex, which delivers energy return on each stroke by "flex and snap" energy - a must in your quiver. The shaft is made of solid bamboo, and the flex mimics the feel of paddling in wave on a paddleboard. 

Take your land paddling to the next level with the Bamboo Kahuna Stick !


Kahuna Creations Haka longboard paddle

After creating the Classic, Kahuna didn't stop there. Their new models Haka and Kalani have become the fans' favorite ! Light and adjustable, they make land boarding not only a fun outdoor activity, but also a great fitness workout !


Land paddling is growing in popularity, and more companies jump on this bandwagon ! 

The sk8pole is an innovative product which was developed over several years of testing. It's priced for a family budget and built by engineers who love to land paddle ( read -it's AFFORDABLE ! )

sk8pole longboard stick

- The multi-directional rubber pusher tip maintains 100% ground contact

- The weight is evenly distributed and not heavy on the bottom end

- Three section collapsibility makes it easy to transport and stow.


Hamboards longboard land paddle

This longboard skateboard paddle was designed and perfected by an elite team of professional Surfers, Land Paddlers and a famed structural engineer. 

The Street Sweeper is a lightweight blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass equipped with an ergonomic and rugged grip and a patented flexible rubber pusher tip. The tapered lower pole makes the pusher tip responsive, especially for long strokes. 


BraapStik Land Paddle (Performance Land Paddle for Longboarding and Cross Training)

Braap skateboard stick

The BraapStik Land Paddle is more than a land paddle. It’s a performance land paddle. 

The Fiberglass spring attached to the handle provides stability, shock absorption, carving control, brakes and propulsion. 

With 3 different spring ratings being offered and an adjustable length handle that collapses to an amazing 30 inch size (6 feet fully extended) the BraapStik Land Paddle is a fit for anyone. 

Whether a beginner or experienced land paddler the BraapStik Land Paddle has something to offer you. Your next outing will never be the same and you will never use any other paddle once you get a chance to experience what the BraapStik has to offer. 

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The Kahuna Creations Snow Grip

kahuna creations snow grip

If you love land paddling, and want to pursue your passion all year round, then give The Kahuna Snow Grip a try !

The Kahuna Snow Grip can be used on any Big Stick with a Road Blade ! Use an allen wrench to quickly and easily unscrew 2 bolts to switch between The Kahuna Snow Grip and your existing road blade !

Your Kahuna Big Stick with the Snow Grip will work great for both snowskating and snowboarding !


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