We wouldn't call land paddling an extreme sport, but just like any other outdoor activity it bears its own risks. We don't need to tell you that when it comes to sports, safety is a priority. 

Just like with biking, skateboarding, snowboarding... land paddling requires safety equipment :


Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet is one of the best multi-impact helmets available !

Land paddling is a great full body workout, and you're guaranteed to break some serious sweat !
The best feature of this helmet, and the reason it stand out among its rivals is  the patented Sweatsaver liner that helps eliminate the smells, the stinging and the eye blurring that occurs from sweat.


Packaged together in convenient three-pack, Triple 8 Saver Series will keep your knees, elbows, and wrists protective at all times ! 

Knee pads and elbow pads are made of high grade durable fabrics, EVA foam padding, while wrist guards offer great support and protection with high density impact-resistant molded ABS splints.


As the title says - these Triple Eight padded shorts offer the ultimate in protection for your rear. Chances are, at the beginning you might fall a lot... mostly on your bum. 

To avoid embarrassment, These Bumsavers are light enough to wear under your pants and shorts, and are made with a breathable, form-fitting mesh fabric for the ideal fit without the sweat or discomfort that accompanies many other padded shorts.


GlowCity UnderGlow Light Up LED Lights


A great thing about land paddling ( unlike paddleboarding ) can be done anywhere there is a paved path, in any weather, year round !

But when the weather is getting colder, and the days are getting shorter, but you still want to get our in the evening to get your stoke on, GlowCity UnderGlow LED Lights are a perfect combination of style and safety.

When night falls ride with these light beneath your board for an amazing experience ! Easy to use, these lights can be attached to ANY board.

Voted by Amazon as "2017's Best Selling Accessory For Longboards Skateboards and Scooters" !


As we've already mentioned, land paddling is an awesome workout !

Use the paddle, and utilize every muscle in your upper body and core, push/kick your board - and work on your stamina and lower body !
No matter what, you will break some serious SWEAT !!! So don't forget to hydrate !


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