How You Can Make Money Land Paddling

Land paddling is an exciting board sport, a great workout, and a fun way to make some extra money.

How You Can Make Money Land Paddling

In the video below I share my personal knowledge, experience, and expertise how I make money with land paddling.

I firmly believe that anybody can turn his passion into a business, or, at least, find a way to monetize it.
“Turning your passion into a job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion” -  Seth Gordin.

Selling is the ONLY way to make money in ANY business !!

If you're not comfortable selling, if you don’t like self-promoting yourself, if you don't build your
personal brand, - then there's absolutely NO WAY for you to make money !

In the video below I talk about the ways I make money land paddling :

  • Affiliate Marketing
You can join Amazon affiliate, or Amazon Influencer programs ( or both ! ) to promote longboards,
and land paddles of such famous brands as Kahuna Creations, Hamboard, Sector 9, Arbor, White
Wave, Loaded, Landyachtz, and more…


When people click on your affiliate Amazon links, and end up buying ANYTHING from Amazon,
That’s the power of affiliate marketing !!

  • Sell used longboards/paddles on Craigslist
Many people believe that the time of making money selling on Craigslist ( or eBay ! ) is over…
It’s far from the truth !!

It’s all about know how EXACTLY to do that !

Selling/marketing is a process that needs to be learned if you really want to make money !
And if you don’t know even the basics of selling/marketing, then it doesn’t matter how great of I
product you have.
In my book, I share everything I’ve learned over that last 20 years selling outdoor gear on Craigslist.

  • Buy 50% discounted boards/paddles during Black Friday
Every year, during Black Friday, many famous brands slash their prices in half !
It’s the EASIEST way to make some hard cash buying low, and then selling with a mark up !

The best part ? You won’t have to browse Craigslist for cheap deals !

  • Dropshipping/Wholesaling
You don’t need to have a physical ( business ) location to buy wholesale ! Many companies will ship
directly to your house.
The downsize ?
1 - Quality control ( if you buy directly from manufacturer, especially from China, you’ll need to make
sure you’re getting quality products ).
2 - Time to deliver ( it takes weeks ( sometimes months ! ) to receive your products from the

With dropshipping on the other side, all you need is a decent ecommerce website !

  • Rentals
It’s a great way to create a passive income !

Buy a bunch of longboards/land paddles, and rent them out to tourists visiting your area, or to local
groups/organizations ( more profitable than renting to individuals ).

  • Start your own land paddling touring business
Honestly, I had my doubts when I launched “Seattle Kite, Surf, Paddle” in 2016 that people would pay
for land paddling classes/tours… But, not only did people buy, because land paddling is a very low
impact activity/board sport, it became more popular than our SUP surfing, and kite landbording
lessons !

  • Build your own longboards/land paddles
When Kahuna Creations launched their Original Kahuna Big Stick, they were the only company that
was selling land paddles… Nowadays, there a bunch of businesses/entrepreneurs who sell their own
longboards and land paddles.
Are you good with your hands ? Then starting your own longboarding/land paddling brand is a way to
go !

  • Become a brand Ambassador/ social media influencer
You’ve heard about all those people who get free swag, and even make money promoting brands on
social media… Why can’t it be YOU ?!

Because PPC ( paid per click advertising, like Facebook, or Google ads ) is becoming more and more
expensive,influencer marketing has become one of the most reliable ways for brands to promote on
social media.


Being a brand ambassador/influencer is SO MORE THAN just posting pictures on Instagram…

There is A LOT TO LEARN if you want to become a PAID brand ambassador/influencer !

In conclusion :

  • The MAIN reasons MOST people NEVER make money are:
  • They don’t have a true passion
  • they don’t take time to learn about business, and marketing
  • They don’t build their own personal brand
  • They don’t build their own network of like-minded people
  • They don;t invest money in themselves/their business
  • They have high expectations
  • They quit too early
If you're truly passionate about land paddling ( or any other board sport ! ), if you're looking for ways
to make some extra $$$ on the side ( or maybe even start your own business some day ! ), feel free
to check out how our brand Ambassadors/Influencers make money !