How To Make Money With Hamboards Affiliate Program

Hamboards affiliate program
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Hamboards affiliate program allows riders makes some extra money by sharing the stoke, and  promoting their products ! 

It's easy, it's FREE, and participants will get to enjoy all these amazing benefits :

    Increase your audience's trust and your authority by partnering with a high-profile brand name.
    Offer your audience something fresh, something new that's health and wellness-related
    Commission payout: 8% flat rate
    High-converting and beautifully crafted marketing materials
  •     Cookie duration: 30 days

    High average order value
    Access to regularly updated text links, banner ads, and exclusive affiliate offers
    Get your name involved with a Sharktank success story and industry leader in the land Padding surf industry
    Dedicated Program manager to help you get up and running
    International shipping available
  • A few things you need to know about being an affiliate for the Hamboards brand :
    They don't really have their own dedicated affiliate platform πŸ˜ͺ
    Instead, they use 2 well known, and trusted affiliate platforms - AvantLink and Commission Junction ( CJ ).
    Even though applying to become an Hamboards affiliate is easy, and free, they don't just accept everybody....
    AvanLink has a very strict and grueling screening process... They ask their potential affiliates to place a code on their website/blog to ensure your website/blog meets their traffic expectations. 
    Commission Junction has a bit more relaxing policy 😎 ...BUT... you'll still have to apply to join CJ first, then, send a request to join Hamboards program.
    The biggest drawback ?
    Even if you do get accepted into Hamboards affiliate program, you'll get to promote ONLY the Hamboards brand, and their products 😑
    But don't worry, there is a better option !
    Hamboards also sell their products on Amazon...

    ANYBODY with a website/blog can join Amazon affiliate program, OR, their Influencer program if you have at least one qualifying social media channel ( Facebook/Instagram business page, YouTube, or Twitter ) !

    Joining Amazon affiliate or their influencer program is much easier, hassle free ( comparing to AvantLink or CJ ), and... just FREEπŸ˜‰πŸ˜†
    The biggest drawback ?

    Unlike  AvantLink or CJ affiliate programs that pay 8% flat commission and have 30 day cookie duration, Amazon only pays 5.5% and has only 24 hour 😩
    The BIGGEST advantage :
    Once you join Amazon influencer/affiliate program, YOU can promote ANY brand, ANY products you want !!
    When people click on your Amazon affiliate links ( whether you're promoting Hamboards or ANYTHING else ), and they buy ANYTHING on Amazon, you still get paid 4% - 10% affiliate commission depending on the product category !!
    To learn more about Amazon influencer program,  join our FREE online training to learn more about online business, marketing and branding !

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