My Honest Review of Braapstik Paddle & TriDeck Board for Land Paddling

Braapstik Paddle & TriDeck Board for Land Paddling

Most people in the land paddling community learned about BraapStik land paddle almost at the same time as they learned about TriDeck board (a three-wheeled longboard-style skateboard )...

Instagram posts, and YouTube videos made them look super cool !


How do the BraapStik land paddle, and the TriDeck board actually do specifically for land paddling ?

Why specifically for land paddling ?

Because you can use a land paddle for snowskating/snowboarding, and you can use TriDeck board for kiteboarding, and kitewing flying !

But in my new YouTube video below I wanted to share my personal thoughts about BraapStik, and TriDeck board specifically for land paddling...

Do YOU use BraapStik and TriDeck for land paddling ?
What do YOU think ?

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