How To Build A Longboard Out of Wood Waterskis

Building a longboard used to be cheaper than buying one, but nowadays, you can buy a pretty decent longboard for less than $50 ( like this Playshion 39 Inch Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser  for example ).

But if you love working with your hands, if you want to build something unique, or simply hate "making somebody else rich",  then making your own longboard makes sense.
Just keep in mind, it won't be cheap ( and you'll still have to "make somebody rich" buy buying materials, and parts ).

Still, building your own longboard could be a lot of fun !

And with a little bit of creativity, you won't even have to start from scratch !!

Many people have built their own longboards out of wakeboards, surfboards, and even snowboards !

how to build a longboard out of a snowboard

how to make a longboard out of wood waterskis

Longboard building is not cheap, but if you put in time, patience, and effort into your boards they will last you a long time ( not to mention the sense of pride you'll get from building something with your own two hands ! ).

Who knows, maybe if you learn how to make great looking longboards, eventually, you can turn it into a business 😉😎

But if you can't build sh💩t with your hands, YOU can still make $$$ promoting your favorite brands, and their products !

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