Ghost Longboards For Land Paddling and Cruising

Clear Ghost longboards are truly a piece of art, and are nothing like you've ever ridden before !

Ghost Long Board (Light up Green Wheels, 48" Fishbone Longboard
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Ghost Clear Long Board

Ghost Long Boards are built from strong plexi-glass/acrylic ( 75 inch thick. durable, with flex, non-slippery ), and can support a rider of up to 220 lbs ! They're very durable, and very well-made.

While Ghost boards might not be suitable for downhill longboarding, they're perfect for land paddling, and cruising around for riders of all ages, and abilities !

The company's owners, Russ Warner and Brent Johnson, are on a mission to challenge the stereotypes of skate culture, and also to open up the world of skateboarding to people of all ages and skill levels.

“Longboarding isn’t about doing tricks and shredding. It’s about freedom, mobility and getting outside and active with the family,” says Russ.

Unlike other cheap Chinese longboards, Ghost boards are made in good ol' USA in Utah.

Though Ghost Long Board offers 10 standard designs, the vast majority of the company’s sales are custom orders. Customers can select their board shape, design,wheels, and even...lights !!

Yes, you can add light up wheels ( 8 diffrent colors to choose from ! ) to ride at night !

Ghost longboard with light up wheels
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The clear plexiglass that each deck is made of is perfect for corporate and promotional logos. Russ and Brent have produced longboards for giveaways hosted by organizations such as Penguin Brothers, along with custom designs for celebrities like Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons.

Ghost longboards are very eye-catchy, and will turn heads whether you're cruising, land paddling, or using the boards for promos, gifts, and giveaways !

One of their most popular models, Ghost Riptide longboard, is available on Amazon for $175 with free shipping :

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