Land Paddling With Onda Board

Onda Motion is of the most versatile longboards that is great for cruising and carving as well as land-paddling and kite-skating.

Onda Motion 788581344965 Longa with Poly wheels black

Compared to most longboards out there, Onda boards are quite unique. They perform and handle much better than traditional longboards because of their smooth gliding wheels and tremendous maneuverability. Give it a kick and it glides forever !

Onda was designed from scratch to be the best all around cruising longboard in the world.

Every component was carefully designed and custom built as part of an integrated product, to allow you to cruise the pavement effortlessly, with minimum friction and enormous forward momentum. Onda delivers full-fledged glide performance and awesome carving that will have you feeling like you’re levitating above ground.
Onda boards are designed to be used by everyone ages 8 and up and weighing from 65 lbs to 250 lbs. Also, the boards can be adjusted for people of all sorts of different skill levels. You can adjust your Onda for your own weight and riding skills just by changing the color-coded torsion shock.

The boards are very durable. The deck, wheels, and trucks are made of tough engineering resins used on high end trucks and other heavy duty industrial products. The Onda will provide fun rides for many, many years.

Onda wheels are multi-terrain, providing a safer ride on uneven or rough terrains. They are 7” (180mm) in diameter and they carry a high performance 80A polyurethane tire. The wheel hubs are made in 2 different materials: a high strength co-polymer for lightweight and versatility; or aluminum for maximum gliding performance. 

Both offer a perfect balance between toughness and stiffness, while the flat polyurethane tires provide excellent grip for your sliding and carving. The combination of the ultra large diameter, the slim profile, and choice of materials will let you have an unparalleled experience every time you ride your Onda.

What do Onda riders say about Onda boards : 
"My Onda experience was great! I love the carving motion that resembles the snowboard. It is also durable and easy to maintain. I would definitely recommend this board to people. It is a great product." ~ Thuy
"Ride is amazing… smooth and LONG! I push, and the thing never stops. A normal board has so much more rolling resistance due to the smaller and wider wheels… love this design!" ~ Josh
"The Onda Board rips! It is lightweight, grips your shoes firmly and responds quickly. I enjoy the speed.
I also like the way it handles over bumps, humps and curbs with no problems. I also like the fact that ordering was an ease and shipping was fast and everything came in one piece. Thanks for the awesome ripping experience." ~ Jon
Add a land paddle, and Onda boards will be absolutely amazing for land paddling !

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