Best Longboards For Land Paddling - Koastal Drifter 60'

Koastal Longboards Drifter Complete Longboard, 11 x 60

Koastal Longboards Drifter Complete Longboard, 11 x 60
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When it comes to smooth sailing ( or should I say - smooth land paddling 😉🤣 ), the longer the board, the more enjoyable the ride !!

Set up with Revenge trucks Koastal Drifter board carves like a dream ! It's a nice big cruiser board (60') but handles like a shorter longboard.

With it's longer wheel base you will have some flex but not an extreme flex. The flex gives the board a nice comfortable ride and basically acts like shocks in a car when going over bumps and cracks. It helps smooth the ride out. Also with the flex you can really pump the board up and down the street which is a nice feature for such a long board.

The core is 12 ply plus the addition of the wood stringer top sheet consisting of Mahogany, Aspen, and Purple Heart.

Rated for 280lbs (board will have some flex) - Board can handle a higher weight but will have an extreme flex.

Long, smooth, and stable, Koastal Drifter makes a perfect longboard for land paddling !

Proudly made in USA, Koastal is a family business that brings together a strong passion for surfing and the knowledge from years of experience in the skate industry.

Each koastal skateboard has a classic, natural, and timeless style that will appeal to riders both young and old. Koastal takes pride in making quality Skateboards, taking the additional time and effort to craft each complete real wood top sheet by hand.

More than that !

Koastal Drifter is the CHEAPEST land paddle board under 60' !! ( compare to Kahuna Creations and Hamboard here ).

It's also a great longboard for beach cruising, dancing, or maybe riding tandem with your significant other 👫 🏄‍♂️ 🤙

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