Land Paddling With Dogs

It's more fun to enjoy land paddling with a furry little friend ! And I mean "little", simply because I haven't seen too many big dogs who enjoy riding on a longboard no matter how long and wide it is.

Before, I tried to teach my dog to run along while I'm land paddling, but she'd always jump in front of the board, or would get tired/dehydrated after a few minutes.

Land paddling/longboarding with dogs can be tricky. Even for the smallest dog, you'd want to have a longboard as loong, and wide as possible ! Check out our suggestions here for the best longboards specifically for land paddling. 

My board is ~60' long and 15' wide which makes it comfortable enough for our little chihuahua mix to ride on top :

I have to admit, it took me a while to teach my dog how to ride on the longboard. But from the video above, I can attest - you can teach an old dog new tricks !

Normally, dogs love running along next to a board, but making them stay still on a moving board is a difficult task. It's like working with little kids. You have to be patient, and show them that it's safe.

Land paddling/longboarding with your dog is great not only for bonding :)

It also gives your dog a chance to learn/pick up/practice the basics of obedience training. Riding with a dog is a challenge; riding with an untrained dog is nerve-wracking ( especially if there are other dogs around ).

Tip : Start by placing your dog on top of your board, and gently pushing it forward.

Just like a kid, your dog needs to know that it can be safe by jumping off at any time.

Once your dog learns to stay on the board while it's moving, it's time to go land paddling !

Tip : Land paddling allows you to avoid jerky movements comparing to pushing your longboard with your feet. 

Even now, when I have to switch from paddling to pushing, my dog gets spooked, and jumps off the board.

Once your pooch gets used to riding straight, it's time to work on carving !

In the beginning, my dog was fine when the board was moving straight, but as soon as I'd start carving, the dog would jump off. 
Be patient, it might take a few times for your dog to get used to unknown to it movement.

Tip : Even when your dog becomes comfortable, DO NOT restrain it by holding to a leash !!

Let your dog build confidence, and enjoy the ride !!
It's truly an amazing feeling sharing the stoke with your loved one(s) !!