Land Paddling Along Interurban Trail In Seattle, WA

Land Paddling Along Interurban Trail In Pacific, WA

The Interurban Trail starts in the town of Pacific, and stretches for 14 miles, following the historic Interurban Rail Line. The trail is paved, nearly straight and flat as a pancake, making it perfect for land paddling !

Seattle land paddling

There are many access point along the trail. You can leave your car at a small designated parking spot, and go for a ride in both directions ( north or south). The trail connects the towns : Pacific, Auburn, Kent, Renton.

I wouldn't call this trail "picturesque", as it mainly passes through industrial areas and suburban lands. But it has its own "landmarks". With Mt Rainier being the most famous !!

When "the Mountain is out" ( as the locals say ), it's especially enjoyable to ride along this popular bike trail. Just make sure you share the trail with cyclists, runners, walkers, longboarders, and occasional rollerbladers.

Because the trail is mainly flat, it makes it perfect for first time riders to get the feeling of land paddling.

Land paddling is the most beginner friendly board sport, and this trail makes it even easier ( and safer ! ) to try this new cool board sport !

If you're visiting Seattle, WA and want to give land paddling a try, give "Seattle Kite, Surf, Paddle" a call to book your lesson.

They offer land paddling lessons, and tours in Auburn, Seattle, and Tacoma.

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