Why You Should Add Land Paddling To Your SUP Workouts

land paddling boards

As I wrote in my previous post, land paddling is much affordable compared to stand up paddleboarding ( on top of a few other advantages ).

But in my opinion, you shouldn't choose between paddleboarding, and "street SUP surfing"...
Instead, you should combine both !

Here is a guest post from our main blog www.ExtraHyperActive.com where I discuss why both paddleboarding and land paddling are great substitutes for each other.

Whether you prefer flat water paddling, or SUP surfing, land paddling can simulate both !

It’s amazing how much the two sports parallel each other !
Both are great workouts that take your mind away from stress and worries. Both allow you to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Both offer the feeling of exceptionalism, and the sense of belonging.

Besides, let's agree - as much as we all would love catching endless waves, who has time to do that as often as we want ?

With land paddling you can just grab your land paddle, and your longboard, and be out of the door in no time !

All in all, both sports are equally fun !!

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