Kahuna Creations Snowboard Paddle Helps Beginners Learn The Basics

Learn snowboarding with this snow stick from Kahuna Creations !

Paddle your way down the mountain with this snow stick from Kahuna Creations. It has a fully adjustable design to accommodate quick changes on the slopes, and the aluminum shaft promises extra durability.


In my previous post, I wrote about Kahuna Creations' new addition to their land paddle family - Snow Stick Snowboard Paddle

While the main idea behind the snow stick was to help riders easily paddle through the flats and carve it up all over the mountain, in my opinion,  the snow paddle would be a better fit for beginner snowboarders.

While there are many cool products that help kids learn snowboarding ( like this popular safety harness from Lucky Bums ), Kahuna Creations' snow paddle is great for beginner riders of older age who're just learning the ropes.

My son is 10 y.o., and he only took 2 private snowboarding lessons before. But with the snow paddle, he was up, and riding in no time !

Using Kahuna Creations snow stick is a great way for beginners to learn how to snowboard, build confidence, and feel safe !

But if you are not a beginner, do you really need a paddle?

This is what Kahuna's marketing manager Cory McBride says about the snow stick for more advanced riders : "It's the whole paddleboard wave mentality. With the Kahuna Snow Stick, you get seriously deep carves. The stick lets you really crank on your turns till you're almost laying flat in the snow - it emphasizes your carving power by letting you push harder on your turns without losing control."

And for those of you how are hard core paddleboarders - you can easily turn your snowboard into a snow-slashing paddleboard !!

Kahuna Creations Snow Stick Snowboard Paddle will be a great addition 
to your outdoor gear collection !!