Can't Afford Paddleboarding ? Try Land Paddling !

Land paddling for beginners

Considered to be a popular spin-off of stand up paddleboarding, land paddling ( or Land Stand Up Paddle Boarding ) is as easy as SUP, more affordable, and provides the same fun and exciting land paddling workout !

Throwback 2009...
I really missed surfing in California, and driving for 3 hours to the Washington coast for a weekend of surfing was just exhausting. It was during that time when I was introduced to stand up paddleboarding.

And just like many people at that time, I immediately fell in love with paddle boarding !
SUP's sudden popularity was no surprise :
  • it takes no great skills to learn it
  • its relatively low-key ( even your grandmother can do it )
  • it's safer than surfing
  • it offers a great full body workout, and it's great for cardio
  • it can be done anywhere there is a body of water
The problem was, at that time, there was no way I could afford buying ~$1000 board ( an average price for a paddleboard at that time ).

Lucky for me, it was about the same time, when I started longboarding ( to stay in shape in between weekend surfing sessions ), and eventually, heard about Kahuna Creations, and their amazing invention - longboard land paddle !

Land paddling ( or as some call it - Street Stand Up Paddling ) combined my favorite outdoor activity ( surfing ), and my sudden attraction to paddleboarding.

And the biggest factor was also the price of a land paddle stick ( which at that time was around $100... ( comparing to $59.99 for Kahuna Big Stick Haka now (!))

Another reasons I loved land paddling were :

- didn't have to drive to the coast
- didn't have to load/unload too much gear in the car
- didn't have change into/out wetsuit
- didn't  have to worry about dinging my board or breaking my longboard land paddle

But, still, I'd say that the biggest advantage of landpaddling is how affordable it is compared to SUP/stand up paddleboarding.

For less than half of the price of a paddleboard, you can purchase both - Kahuna longboard, AND Kahuna Big Stick skateboard paddle stick !


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