SkupBoard by Mike Ewaliko Is A Classic Longboard For Land Paddling

SkupBoard for land paddling

Only old school, die-hard riders know about the SkupBoard and its creator, and former UW football player turned entrepreneur/shaper Mike Ewaliko who “wanted a true surf feel from his board"

"Standard longboard skateboards simply didn’t satisfy his lust for the surfing feel, and being a true “tinkerer,” Mike decided to create a specialized surf skate to meet his demands.”

In my opinion, the SkupBoard gives you the same feelings a stand up paddleboard does...on land !

Long and wide (!), the SkupBoard is a perfect board for land paddling, and skate surfing that provides stability, and smooth carving !

Add my favorite classic Kahuna Creations Bamboo Stick, and you'll have a perfect match !

Unfortunately, the reason I call it "classic/retro/old school" ( you got it ! I'm old 😜 ), is b/c despite of the board's great design, and hardware, despite of its popularity in 2010 ( I even remember seeing those boards at local Seattle REI ! ),  the board/business didn't get enough steam/financing, and eventually died out...

And now only die-hard longboarders/land paddlers/collectors can find the SkupBoard online...

Luckily, I found one on local Craigslist for only... $80 ( when back in my days they were selling for ~$400 !! )

The only "downside"is, b/c the board is so long and wide, it's kinda on the heavy side... almost feels like a small size paddleboard !

But if you love stand up paddleboarding, you'll love the SkupBoard !

SkupBoard is a stand up paddleboard for  land paddling

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