Trideck - Three-Wheel Skateboard For Off-Road Riding

Trideck is a pretty unique skateboard that allows you to ride on dirt, gravel, and rough terrain !

From their website :
A TRiDECK is an alternative to a skateboard. It is also, by the way, a serious upgrade. It was designed to have the feel of a snowboard but more versatility than a longboard skateboard. The large wheels and air-filled tires provide a lot of roll and shock absorption. The tires give you a smooth ride and make any surface feel like a smooth new sidewalk. This means you can go places that skateboards cannot go, like brick streets, the beach, uneven sidewalks, bumpy roads, grass, and even gravel paths. Even though the TRiDECK is an upgrade, the price tag is not; a TRiDECK costs the same or less than good quality skateboards.
Trideck board for land paddling

Personally to me, Trideck looks like a mountain board meets... kids three wheel kick scooter 😂 🤣 with the main difference -  12" bicycle tires and tubes ! 
And just like a three wheel kids kick scooter, TRiDECK has an (optional) handle (so anyone in the family can ride).

According to the creators, the bicycle type tires, the foot brake, and the joystick are designed to provide extra stability, and security.

Honestly, I'm not sure if the creators were making a better (off-road) skateboard, an alternative to a snowboard, or a mountain board 🤔

Personally , I haven't had a chance to ride Trideck, but the board's narrow deck reminds me of the original Onda board ( and that board sucked !! ).

I really hope it feels as fun riding it as it looks in the video !

Picture/video credit - Trideck


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