WestSSUP Paddle - Handmade & Overpriced

7' WEST SSUP Rattan Street Paddle claims to be "the most highly sought after street paddle on the market because of their proven durability and unparalleled performance".

7' WEST SSUP Rattan Street Paddle (Original design) (Green Flex)
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In reality, WestSSUP paddle is just a long rattan paddle stick with a Kong ball ( yes, the dog toy ! ) on the end.

West Street Stand Up Paddle
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According to the company, it's : "Most versatile street paddle on the market" ( ? )

The company tried to make the name in the land paddling community, but due to its closed-mindedness, and surf style "localism" ( "Nobody who uses different land paddles are allowed !" ), the company failed to establish itself as a reliable, and trustworthy business capable to compete with big dogs like Kahuna Creations.

WestSSUP used to sell their longboard paddles on their website, as well as on Amazon, but due to high prices, low quality, and lack of marketing, it looks like they stooped any commercial sales of their ratten street paddles.

And no surprise there !

When they were selling their DIY land paddles, the price was whopping $150-ish (!) per land paddle stick.

When a great quality longboard land paddle from Kahuna Creations would go for as low as $35 during a sale (!)


The  collapsible telescopic aluminum sk8pole would cost you about $74.95 with FREE shipping !

When I was looking into buying West Street Stand Up Paddle, other than the price, and the hostile attitude from the company, one thing that turned me off was the lack of T-grip ( or ANY grip for that matter ).

Having used to SUP ( paddleboard ) paddles, I just couldn't imagine using WestSSUP Paddles.

Most paddles have T-grips that come in standard, wide or round shapes, depending on your personal preference. They're specifically designed to :
  • prevent grip fatigue
  • help alleviate grip pressure
  • provide premium protection from calluses
  • enhance your paddling experience
I have hard time imagining WestSSUP paddle doing any of that.

WestSSUP Paddle  Kong Ball

Kong balls are popular among DIY land paddle enthusiasts ( aka "cheapskates" who can't afford to invest even a few bucks into their passion ).

That's why as soon as I hear Kong ball+long board paddle, I imagine a cheap land paddle stick made out of PVC pipe, and an $8 dog toy.

Personally, I'm all for "frugal living", but NOT when it comes to my passion !

I'd rather pay $100 for something I'll enjoy using ( even for a short while ), then waste my time, and money for a DIY and paddle.

And personally, I believe that if you're truly passionate about something, you WILL find a way to support it !

I've been promoting land paddling since 2010, and even though I haven't turned it into a full time business, I make a nice living online promoting brands, and teaching land paddling lessons on weekends.

And so can YOU !

Since 2010, land paddling hasn't grown as a sport in the proportions I was hoping it would...
And I believe it's mostly due to closed-mindedness of people involved in the community.


So few people are still unaware of this cool, and exciting board sport !

Spread the love, spread the stoke, spread the word, and establish YOURSELF as sought after leader in board community !

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