What Is Land Paddling ?

Land paddling with ExtraHyperActive

Along with SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), Land Paddling ( also called Stand Up Land Paddleboarding or Street Stand Up Paddling )is another world’s fastest growing board sport !

It’s the MOST beginner-friendly board sport out there, not to mention it’s a load of fun ! Whether you've never stood up on any board before, or you’re a seasonal snowboarder, surfer, paddler, wake/kiteboarder, Land Paddling is a great complementary exercise for your body while fusing your soul with purity and freedom.

So, what exactly is Land Paddling ?

Street Stand Up Paddle Surfing
Photo credit - Alan Taylor, team rider for Starboard SUP UK, and Land Paddle UK

Inspired from the Stand-Up Paddling revolution from surfing (SUPing), Land Paddling is an exciting, fun, and inclusive physical activity that can be done on any smooth surface.

Land Paddling is the use of a land paddle stick while longboarding. The longboard stick (or "Longboard Land Paddle") is used to propel the longboarder farther without pumping. The longboard paddle is also used to direct the longboarder in the direction they are trying to turn and can be used as a brake.

Land Paddling is relatively new, but seems to be catching on pretty fast !

Though, land stand up paddling might be new to some people, the Hawaiians invented board riding thousands of years ago, resulting in the creation of all board sports. They found purity and freedom in board riding, which defines their culture today.

Kahuna Creations ( the creator of the Kahuna Big Stick, and Kahuna long boards ) pays tribute to those native riders by fusing the soul of surfing and the Hawaiian Spirit into its product lineup.

Video credit - Kahuna Creations

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