How I Discovered Land Paddling

True story about how I discovered land paddling in far away 2010-ish, how I was introduced to Kahuna Creations Big Stick, and became their biggest fan...

Longboarding is all about gliding on the pavement, and looking good while doing it !
But the "extreme" version of longboarding, downhill riding, is exhilarating, difficult, and, I'd even say - dangerous.
That's why, you need to know your limits and stay within 'em.

Last week, while enjoying one of my "casual rides" down a steep bike trail, I forgot about my limits and as a result...

Extreme longboarding

After that, I decided to find something less extreme, but at the same time fun & physically challenging.

The reasons I fell in love with longboarding in the first place were :

- it reminded me of surfing
- it was a great low body, and cardiovascular workout !

If you've never been on a longboard ( or even skateboard ), you probably don't know that longboarding can be a great workout ( without even feeling like a workout ! ).

Besides the cardiovascular benefit, longboarding provides a great workout for your core and lower body ( after pushing your board for 30-45 min, your calves are on fire ! (literally...look at the picture above :)).

Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of upper body involvement.

One day I watched a video on Youtube about "Land Paddling" , which promised to change that :
Land Paddling workout with Kahuna Big Stick will help you get into incredible shape. Depending on the rider and intensity level, up to 800-1,000 calories can be burned in an hour. You can have great confidence on a board with the control, and breaking capabilities the Kahuna Big Stick brings. Most importantly, you can have the most fun you have ever had on a board while using the completely unique Kahuna Big Stick.

Kahuna Creations Bamboo Big Stick
Photo/video credit - Kahuna Creations

After watching the video, I ordered the Kahuna Bamboo Big Stick, and immediately, took it to a nearby bike trail...

Land paddling workout

Seriously, just like it was promised, it was one the the best, and the most fun workouts I've ever had !

Some people join gyms. Some people go on jogs/runs to get exercise. Others ride their bikes.

Don't be "some people." Be different ! Be fun ! 
Try land paddling workout !

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